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Boggly Chicken

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Brand Primus

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Honestly? We have no idea why this brilliant and fun character is called Boggly chicken - apart from the fact that it's pretty obviously a chicken.

So part of the fun of adding one or more to your home or garden can be to create your own backstory for it.

It might be something to do with it's boggling eyes of course.

Or maybe, as a chick, it was rescued from clinging, wet, heavy undergrowth.



Whatever history you choose, this stunningly fun metal sculpture, awash with rich red and vibrant deep green, one of so many from Primus, will certainly strut it's 22cm x 12cm x 32cm around your home or property - even a barn if you happen to have one!


One other piece of good news - there'll be no shrieking dawn calls to disturb your sleep.

Of course, there may be screams of joys from young visitors when they first set eyes on it when visiting you, or as they open the thoughtful gift you've bought.

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