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The Sprinting Jaguar Iron Sculpture


Brand Primus

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If you're looking for a new conversation piece for your home, then you've found it with The Sprinting Jaguar.

An abstract yet lifelike sculpture, it captures the movement and aesthetic of the animal beautifully, while remaining creative and artistic.


Whether on a table, mantelpiece, bookshelf, desk or windowsill, The Sprinting Jaguar will suit any home which excels in its unusual decor and open-minded attitude to interior design.

But whether your decorating style manifests as traditional or modern is immaterial — this beautiful sculpture fits neatly wherever you put it, and whatever it is surrounded by, measuring at an impressive but practical 92cm x 47cm x 17cm.


Beautifully rendered yellow and black spots, coupled with noble, distinctive and dangerous feline features, as well as a powerfully captured sprinting motion truly make this jaguar a sight to behold.

Celebrate nature in all its ferocity with The Sprinting Jaguar.

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