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American Muscle


Brand Primus

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We know how much Americans love their automobiles, and it's a country that has produced, and continues to produce, so many vehicles that are sought by fans worldwide.

We Brits also appreciate the fine lines and suggested power of so many of these iconic speedsters.

This is obvious in the stunning American Muscle piece, its Americanism highlighted by the appearance of the legendary Route 66 sign.

Hang this stunning artwork on your wall - or give it as a gift for a friend to do the same - and the eye will be drawn and your open-road imagination ignited.

It's a superb handcrafted and handpainted piece from Primus (you'll find many others on our Country Smart website), standing out at 120cm x 80cm x 7cm.

It is presented in 3D relief style, further adding to the impression it makes on every viewing.

American Muscle is a captivating piece; make sure you capture your imagination by adding this stunning work to your cart right now.

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