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Brown Metal Rabbit

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Brand Primus

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Designed in a beautiful pale brown with unique features and style, this brown metal rabbit from Primus could be the perfect finishing touch to your garden, peeking out of flowerbeds, adding interest to shrubbery or simply elevating patio planters.

For fans of British wildlife, this rabbit is the perfect garden companion, in a sweet and appealing style that you can't help but love.


Finished in hardwearing metals, this 27cm x 14cm x 34cm rabbit can withstand just about any weather, from sunshine to snow and anything in between.

This ensures its coat is always looking perfect, and that even in the winter you're left with a garden that brings you happiness and joy every single day.


Whether you're looking to bring your children into the world of gardening, you're a fan of the kitsch and cute or you just have a love of bunnies, this brown metal rabbit would be happy to hop into your home.

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