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Deluxe Green Metal Budgie


Brand Primus

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Beautifully bright in shades of blue, green and yellow, this deluxe green metal budgie is so detailed you'd almost expect it to begin chirping.

Featuring highly detailed feathers on the wings and chest, plus intricate designs across the face and beak, there's a lot to love about this budgie ornament - if you're a fan of more exotic styles, then this bird might just be the ideal addition to your garden.


A scale of 30cm x 9.5cm x 19cm further enhances the appeal of this ornament, making it the perfect addition to any trees, shrubbery, patio plants and more.

Both outdoors and in the home, this budgie provides vibrant colour and unique style in just about any setting.


If you're a fan of vibrant colours and bird-based ornamentation for your garden and home, the deluxe green metal budgie from Primus provides a less intensive alternative to the real thing - all the beauty, none of the cost.

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