Deluxe Metal Chicken


Brand Primus

Designed in a frothy black and white style that looks almost as fluffy as the real thing, this deluxe metal chicken from Primus could be mistaken for a living and breathing bird at a glance, thanks to a combination of clever paintwork and a beautiful finish.

Including a sweeping tail, vibrant red crop and yellow beak and legs, this design epitomises English countryside style in one compact package.


With a size of 43cm x 18cm x 50cm, the deluxe metal chicken could be the ideal new addition to your garden, adding colour to your patio or providing unique decoration for your shrubbery or flowerbeds.

This ornament could even be the ideal addition outside a chicken coop or area, keeping everything on-theme.


Wonderfully rustic and quintessentially English, this chicken provides style in spades for the classic British garden - offering colour, appeal and attractive design that can give your garden the personality it needs.

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