Deluxe Metal Peacock


Brand Primus

Flamboyant, bright and beautiful, this deluxe metal peacock from Primus will be the star of your garden thanks to a fan of vibrant tail feathers in a range of colourful shades.

With traditional peacock colours including bright greens, beautiful blues and metallic browns and golds, this eye-catching ornament is sure to draw the right kind of attention wherever you place it.


Standing at 64cm x 25cm x 64cm, there's nothing shy or retiring about this design.

With a full fan of golden, intricately designed tail feathers, this piece makes enough of a statement to be a standalone decoration, and thanks to a metal finish can withstand just about any weather and water while remaining as bright as the day it was purchased.


If you're a fan of bird-based ornaments, you love dramatic designs, or you're in need of the perfect centrepiece for your garden, patio or flowerbed, then the deluxe metal peacock might be your ideal match.

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