Deluxe Metal Pheasant


Brand Primus

Featuring highly detailed feather designs and beautifully intricate paintwork, this deluxe metal pheasant is the perfect way to elevate a rustic country garden, add interest to a small space or create more detail and design within a flowerbed.

With all the classic colours included in this design, from warm browns to vivid reds, guests will mistake your new ornament for the real thing at a glance.


Lifelike in scale and structure, this deluxe metal pheasant is large in size at 59cm x 12cm x 36cm and is created from a hard-wearing and weatherproof metal, ensuring that rain or shine your new garden addition will look its best, with eye-catching plumage and a realistic appearance.


If you're a fan of the English countryside, this pheasant might just be the perfect fit for you.

Combine with classic British plants and flowers to complete a beautiful and effortless English country garden theme in no time.

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