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Deluxe Metal Red Parrot


Brand Primus

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There's nothing like vibrant, bright colours when it comes to making your garden pop - and that doesn't have to stop at your floral choices.

The deluxe metal red parrot from Primus brings colour into your garden effortlessly, adorned with sunshine bright shades of red, blues and yellows that are sure to elevate your backyard into something much more tropical in design.


Modelled on the beautiful Macaw parrot, this deluxe metal red parrot stands at an impressive 66cm x 18cm x 33cm and is handcrafted in metal to ensure your garden looks exotic.

Each feather is rendered correctly, providing added texture and detail to your patio, garden or green space.


For those who love to live on the exotic side, or who want to add more colour to their garden, the deluxe metal red parrot can bring that vibrancy and more.

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