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Face of Man


Brand Primus

This is surely one of the most astonishing pieces that our Country Smart team have ever added to our collection.

It's from Primus, who always produce stunning artworks, many of which you'll find here.

What is the mood of this Face of Man? Contemplative? Content? Determined? Melancholic? When you add it to your home, you might soon find that it somehow finds a way to match your mood! Maybe you know someone who would be thrilled to receive the Face of Man as a terrific gift.

This amazing piece of work is iron sculptured and presented in 3D relief to stand out even more.

It is sized at 58cm x 29cm x 4.5cm, and is both handcrafted and handpainted.

Wherever the Face of Man is placed, the eyes of those passing will always be drawn to it, and the mind quickly engaged with it.

Buy this striking piece today to add to your collection.

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