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Farmyard Metal Rooster


Brand Primus

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Vibrantly coloured with a beautiful metal finish, this farmyard metal rooster combines classic British farmhouse kitsch with retro design elements.

Featuring bright reds, beautiful browns and rich greens, this colourful addition to your garden can provide joy for years to come.

Handcrafted in a unique pose, this rooster almost looks as if it is about to spring to life and crow.


Suitable for outdoor use in just about any weather, this bright farmyard metal rooster is the perfect addition to any garden, from the patio to flowerbed, shrubbery to lawn.

With a size of 29cm x 16cm x 42cm, this ornament is sure to stand out wherever you place it and attract attention from every guest or visitor.


If you're a fan of farmyard chic, you're looking to add some colour into your garden or you're just a fan of unique vintage-style ornaments, then the farmyard metal rooster has the style, shape and colour you need.

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