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Metal Flamingo Forward Facing

£32.00 £30.00

Brand Primus

A traditional symbol of confidence and even flirtation, this deliciously assertive pink flamingo makes a powerful style statement wherever you choose to place it.

Benefiting from stunning craftsmanship, the flamingo is made from metal which has been skilfully worked and coloured to give a bird that's instantly recognisable.

This freestanding flamingo is a bird with attitude! Perfect to add a touch of colour to a neutral palette, it's tough enough for outside use as well.

Why not install a flamingo by your pond, or overlooking your flower beds? Flamingos are known to form a strong attachment to their mates, which is why many people choose to buy two flamingos so that they can hang out together! A wonderful gift which is suitable for almost any occasion, this flamingo also makes a great choice for anywhere a cheerful, exuberant accent is required.


In terms of sizing, the forward facing metal flamingo measures 37cm x 19cm x 85cm.

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