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Metal Puffin


Brand Primus

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It may be impolite to mention it, but this attractive puffin was captured during its breeding season! How do we know? Well, that's the only time when this amazing bird displays that bright beak it's so famed for.

That said, we can confirm it's safe to add more than one to your Country Smart shopping cart - there is no chance of pufflings appearing.


Our Metal Puffin is carefully handcrafted and superbly handpainted by Primus and stands proud at 27cm x 14cm x 26cm.

Whereas the bird itself dives to feed from coastal cliffs, this terrific representation could easily find a perfect home in almost any room, from a child's bedroom to a friend's study.

You might even buy one to stand guard over your pond!


Whether you want to add a touch of coastal life to your own home or a friend's, it's surely time to allow one - or more - of these stunning seabirds to nest in your cart.

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