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Metal Toucan


Brand Primus

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There are over 40 different species of toucan, found mainly across The Americas.

And now, in your home or garden, or perhaps that of a friend who deserves such a terrific gift.

They are recognised as highly social birds, so this superb Metal Toucan should soon be a friendly, inquisitive-looking, and fun-loving part of any habitat you choose.

Crafted by the team at Primus, this bird certainly stands out from the crowd - and so it should at 48cm x 17cm x 35cm.

Its iconic orange beak will instantly add vibrant colour to any location, indoors or out.

Many pet toucans, particularly in London, have escaped to the wild over the last few years, but this metal beauty is going nowhere, except if you choose to move it around.

Is one enough? Whether both for your own home, or perhaps choosing a second as a gift, it's always true that 'toucan play at this game'!

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