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Nodding Metal Fox


Brand Primus

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A combination of quirky and whimsical design makes this unusual nodding metal fox ornament a delightful addition to any yard, patio or green space.

With a contemporary combination of fur-like texture and flat surfaces, it is certainly eye-catching.

Painted in classic rust oranges and bright whites, this nodding fox is immediately recognisable as one of the most distinctive members of Britain's wildlife.

With dimensions of 47cm x 22cm x 38cm, this larger than life accessory provides daily joy and happiness with its nodding movement, thanks to a spring included in the neck.

The metal composition ensures that even in the worst conditions, this fox remains weather-proof and free-moving, providing added interest to your garden.

Whether you're a fan of classic British wildlife or you're just looking to add some texture and whimsy to your flowerbed, this nodding metal fox is just what you need.

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