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Ornate Solar Peacock


Brand Primus

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With an intricate and appealing design alongside a unique metallic finish, this ornate solar peacock could be the centrepiece of your garden, whether placed within a rockery or flowerbed.

Featuring a sturdy yet delicate design, this solar-powered ornament is sure to capture the attention of your guests and visitors, while offering added interest to your garden area.

Sized at 71cm x 52cm x 18cm, this larger accessory is sure to provide intricacy and joy to those who purchase it, making a bold statement wherever it is placed.

A discrete solar panel is present on the back of the peacock, offering power to its unique lighting feature.

Not only does this ornament look beautiful during the day, it adds light and life to your garden at night with light-up feature that is powered by the sun.

If you want to wow your neighbours, light up your flowerbeds during the night or simply have a love for bird-based ornaments, this ornate solar peacock might be the right fit for you.

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