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Rainy Day


Brand Primus

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Whether protected in blistering summer sunshine, or while enduring cold dark snowy days, the British are obsessed with talking about the weather.

Surely nothing is more representative of this than a typical rainy day.

As you absorb this brilliant piece, you might debate the time of day, or season of the year, imagine a location of your choice, and you'll surely know exactly how it feels to be there.

Generally understated in colour, the addition of just two bright umbrellas adds so much vibrancy.

On your own wall, or as a thoughtful gift, this outstanding piece measures 120cm x 80cm x 6.5cm.

It's a superb Primus production, and many other or their terrific works are available here at Country Smart.

Rainy Day is presented as an iron 3D relief sculptured piece.

It is crafted by hand and painted in the same way.

To be admired when you have escaped to the warm and dry indoors, add this terrific piece to your cart now.

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