Row of Gondolas


Brand Primus

Gondolas - these iconic flat-bottomed rowing boats, perfect for the conditions in Venetian lagoons, suggest romantic moments, sunny days, and sultry evenings in the city of love.

Over 500 years ago, thousands of these crafts travelled the city's waterways.

Mysteriously, no-one really knows where the word gondola itself originally came from.

A row of these amazing boats, waiting patiently to transport you to romance, are collected in this stunning work from the team at Primus (many other of their stunning works are featured on our Country Smart site).

The understated colours add a touch of mystery to this substantial, at 160cm x 60cm x 7cms, and superbly handcrafted and handpainted 3D iron relief piece.

You might choose this for your own wall, you might want it as a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member.

Whether you or they have ever been to Venice, this Row of Gondolas will surely transport you there even with every fleeting glance.

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