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Rural Metal Stork

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It's fun trying to work out the exact expression on this stork's face.

Is it halfway through an argument over territory? Could it even be telling the punchline to a stork joke before sauntering off into the wilds?


One thing is for sure - when you add one or more of these terrific metal sculptures to your home, or even post one outdoors to protect your garden, visitors will take notice.

You'll be drawn to it each time you pass.


Handcrafted by Primus, one of many of their terrific products available from Country Smart, this bird stands at 44cm x 18cm x 92cm, so has no intention of being ignored.


Whether you are adding one or more of these storks to your life, or know a friend or relative who would love to receive one as a gift, it's time to add them to your nesting cart now.

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