Rusty Metal Rooster

£27.00 £21.60

Brand Primus

If you're looking for a novel metal sculpture that transforms a traditional country theme into a stunning contemporary masterpiece, this rusty metal rooster could be the perfect solution.

Beautifully made from rusty look metal, the rooster benefits from an exceptional level of detail, as well as some intriguing metal shaping that gives an engagingly abstract appearance to the body of the bird.

Metal is far more durable than many other materials, which means this little rooster can be used as both an interior ornament or as a garden decoration.

Freestanding, it's tough enough to cope with households where plenty of traffic means the risk of a bump is high! Whether you want a modern rural accent in your living room or feel that a rooster would be just the thing for a striking outdoor feature, this appealing little bird ticks all the right boxes.


The rusty metal rooster measures 38cm x 17cm x 44cm.

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