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Small Metal Ducklings Set of 3


Brand Primus

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This Set of 3 Small Metal Ducklings (17cm x 7.5cm x 17cm) from Primus are ready to be deployed near any garden pond of your choice.

They are bright-eyed, if not bushy-tailed, but certainly paying eager attention, and obviously ready for an adventure or several.

They are both superbly handcrafted, and so realistically handpainted.

Even if you don't have a water feature, we can confirm they feel perfectly content waddling cutely around any other location around your home or garden, indoors or out.

You can even have great fun sending them on individual adventures, popping up where least expected.


Need a little help keeping them under control? No problem, pair them up with this stunning Metal Mallard Duck to instil a little order and discipline into their young lives.

Or probably not; he'll likely just lead them further astray on even more exciting adventures!


You're now expecting us to say that you'd be absolutely quackers not to add these beautiful and cheeky Metal Ducklings to your home or garden.

So we have.

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