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Surfin' Frog


Brand Primus

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Why not have fun with your garden? Enjoy a little whimsy and childlike appeal to your green spaces with this unique Surfin' Frog ornament from Primus, featuring an eye-catching and unmissable design that friends, family and children will adore equally.

Featuring a stylised frog surfing on a leaf, complete with a paddle and excited expression, there's much to love about this design.

With a scale of 23cm x 22cm x 25cm, this Surfin' Frog is more than just a simple ornament - it can be a centrepiece of your garden, especially when combined with similar pieces to form a joyful and cohesive theme.

A metal finish ensures that whether rain or shine, this frog will remain in place and with the same vibrant green paintwork on display.

Whether you're introducing your children to the world of gardening, you want a sense of humour when it comes to your flowerbeds or you simply love these little amphibians, the Surfin' Frog brings style in spades.

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